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The website reflects a personal intellectual quest. At its simplest it reflects an impatience for science and philosophy/theology to both grow and change. Looking forward, the impatience anticipates a more sound view of evolution that is robust enough to both meet the current challenges in the theory and to enable a reformed foundational philosophy.

The birth of Modern philosophy and science in the seventeenth century was a productive starting point. Now it is realized that this philosophical foundation is rotten (see citations from Nietzsche to Nagel). It is unfortunately less well understood that these foundations also compromise biology, the science re-founded in the rush to a metaphysics for the new physics. The assumption of an observer over against physical reality was passed over to biology as the organism in relative independence from its physical environment. Nowadays, the line between organism and environment is blurred in many ways – evo-devo, niche construction, widespread symbioses – not to mention the crucible at the origin of life (see references in Sources section).

These points hint at the intermingled fates of philosophy and biology. The promises of discovery and theory in biology and cognitive science (e.g., concepts in macroevolution, systems biology, extended mind) offer untapped vistas for how the individual-environment relationship will be recast. The twenty-first century is then a time of paradigm hunting, much like the seventeenth, where our basic concepts including self, agency, and reality are most probably going to be folded into the evolution frame. Even god at least qua auto-organization is likely to come to the foreground when the evolutionary narrative moves into the majesty of the nature of life from the restricted species parade. My own emphasis has been on the nature of the environment/reality as arising through evolving human coordination.

A useful section to anyone is Sources
a large collection of citations culled from 25 years of note-taking. This resource should hopefully be a resource to others. It can be useful to start at the complete list of references by author instead of at the categories list. It would be better if it had database search criteria other than the partial subject and chronology organization that reflects a little the publication date but more my idiosyncratic path. But, sorry, doesn't have it.

The other section Writings, History, Bio is a hodge podge of writings, travels, and journals. Within it, the Circles section carries attempted but unpublished articles from 2004 to 2013. 

Now, at mid 2016, this website is 16 years old. The site began as “Epistemology Express” (explaining the URL) as I began with an interest in naturalistic epistemologies as inspired by Gregory Bateson. But this was a misnomer from the beginning as “Anti-epistemology Express” would have been more accurate since I was actually against most of traditional epistemology, the study of truth in knowledge. The site still contains a section The Epistemology Express that chronicles the years 2000 to 2003 as the RV of that name and I traveled around North American universities. It was a wonderful time of meeting people including those of the professorial type at universities and those assorted other types at RV parks interspersed with time-outs to write or take a job. It is now left posted as part of a timeline of exploration. Lastly, there is a bio as a facet of introduction.

For an overview of the current state of this evolving site see the Site Map.

Tangentially, there are photos only in the Writings, History, bio section.

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