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The website reflects a personal intellectual quest. 

The site is being revamped to coincide with a coming, just finished book, Steps to an Evolution of Life: How Evolutionary Theory, the Humanities, and Theology Will Change.  There are two previous incarnations of this website / quest.  There is The Epistemology Express  (from 2000 to 2004) and Biological Ontology (from 2005 to 2017).  Both are now webtrees below the Home page here.

The most interesting resource for a visitor is a large collection of citations through a diverse array of academic literature that can be found in Sources section or as the complete list of references by author or at the incompletely assembled categories list.

As far as results so far, see the section Writings, History, Bio a hodge podge of writings, travels, and journals. Within it, the Circles section carries attempted but unpublished articles from 2004 to 2015.

For an overview of the current state of this evolving site see the Site Map.

Tangentially, there are photos only in the Writings, History, bio section.