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This is a collection of writings since 2004 whose themes "revolve around" circles.  Circles are simultaneously metaphor, mirror for self-reflection, point of inquiry into the nature of the mind's interaction with the world, and exploration of the attractors of dynamic systems theory or even just the feedbacks of systems theory.  Mental ecology is the interlocking of such circles or circuits.

The essays, letters and poems below are circles of connections to understand and make real a mental ecology of interlocking cares.  They are gifts and baits offered to you as hopes for further circles.


Human Evolution Reconsidered - Manuscript from January 2017, abandoned as it became too big.

Big Evolution - Manuscript from April 2016, incomplete and abandoned as covered too many disciplines.

Systemism: The Reality of Life and the Life of Reality - Manuscript from December 2013, incomplete and abandoned; illustrations not visible.

Self-organizing Reality: An Hypothesis - Manuscript from April 2013, incomplete and abandoned.

All My Relations - Chapter of book written in early 2008 (approx. 1.5 typed pages in length).

The God, the Ghost, and the Lover Knowledge:  Idea, Truth, or Bond - Article from July '07 (approx 6 typed pages in length) to accompany video at an earlier website experiment (

Epistemology Revisioned - Article from Dec '05 (approx 11 typed pages in length).  Assessment of where a "New" epistemology might be headed and an outline of how to approach a biological version of knowledge.  Recaps the argument of article below (Biology and the Nature of Reality) in relation to epistemology.

Biology and the Nature of Reality - Article from Nov '05 (approx. 36 typed pages in length).  Organisms are explored as to how they engender and exploit external constraints which leads to a re-examination of collective phenomena such as mutualisms and sociality as well as distributed phenomena such as mind, culture and also reality.

I Am Circles - Poem Jan '05

Symbiotic Reality - Article from Nov. '04 (approx. 19 typed pages in length).  Niche construction and adaptations to constructed niches that are then culturally taught to succeeding generations are taken as reciprocal processes to expand the niche of early humans.  These adapted-to-constructions that humans have with objects, others and domesticated species are explored as transient dependencies analogous to symbioses.

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