I Am Circles

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I am Circles
I am breath
coming in and out.
I am my stories
looping back into relevance.
I am my disappointments
waiting to be relieved.
I am the laundry
hopefully ready for the dryer
and your relief.
I am my justifications
coming back to patch up
my broken circles.

I am the ancestors
of 10,000 species
giving me answers
to 100,000 problems
from blood sugar levels
to the Krebs cycle.
I am you,
the voice that rings
and the voice for whom
I yearn
inviting me to another turn
of our dance.
I am my actions
and your reactions.
I am my name
and all your reactions
to it.
I am my name
and all my games
to place my reputation
into your compatibility.

I am this chair,
its strength and
my trust.
I am all my allies
giving and allowing help
and returning
this confidence daily.
I am my food,
worked for
and nourishing.
I am the network
that sustains me
through exploiting
and exploited loops.
I am you, reader,
imaginably ready to be
pleased or critical.
I am the interruption
of the strange sound
brooding new circles
and altering others.
I am my hopes and dreams
seeking partners
for their realization.
I am my circle of friends
sharing stories, parties,
reactions and
the acceptance or rejection
of new members.
I am my surroundings
anchoring me in life’s currents
and letting me keep them
maintained against their cycles
of decay.
I am this thought,
its vortex of antecedents
and its cascade of
I am my memories,
circling the meaningful
peaks of my acquaintances,
waiting to relive or perfect
these masterpieces of my
I am all my bodily cycles
from heartbeat to
life and death.

I am the constant geometry
of the laws of physics
letting me know the cycles
of reciprocity where action
and reaction of the forces
of nature never let me go.
I am also the constant
yearning for the eternity
promised in the laws of nature.
I am this itch
waiting to be relieved.

I am the thread
of this poem
ambling over the ridges
of each circle,
stumbling to the most
important circle
of me,
of my now
while growing
the arc of my life.

Circles, you come
as bold invasions
of my life
setting me on a different course;
you appear like many cockroaches
scattering on the floor
after the light comes on
while I chase you
to see if any one
connects me more to my destiny
than another.
Circles are my partners
and circles am I.

I am the circle
of my own circles
hoping to collect
and sort the over rich
assortment of circles
I meet.
I am the pleasure of these circles,
jumping in and
riding through
the wave of your laughter,
the kick of the ball,
the chase,
the challenge.
I am the calm joy
and the delirium
of riding the waters
of circles.

I am the stillness
of all my circles
rejoicing in equilibrium
and fullness.
I am the joke
told by me or by you
jumping from one track
to another
so that my circles
can surprise me how their
similarities are so different.

I am the memories of my family
coming round
to remind me
of who I am.
I am endless
new partners in possibilities
coming in to tumble me
into new cycles.
I am need, goal and action
in ever repeating-changing array.

I am the circles of life,
I am the autocatalytic loop
of the primordial soup
and the virtuous circles
of work and good neighborliness.
I am the discordant threads
of dangerous relatives
announcing their “To whom it may concern”
messages of non-virtuous circles,
those promiscuous cousins
bringing chaos and
new circles.
I am the meetings with Thou
and the rejoiced discovery of I am.

I am the cycles of development
bringing the cycling of genes
to meet the old friends of the environment.
I am the stories after my death
letting the wave of my existence
pulse again through the social sea.

I am you
helping me to become me.
I am circles
reaching, thanking, loving,
remembering, letting go,
meeting, connecting.

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