Writing in philosophy is still a personal story.  I, Jake Keenan, continue to have a story as I continue to explore the themes written about in this website.  It is more fair to you, browser, and to me, web offerer, to give some account of that personal story that is the embodied, socially exploring self struggling through that world of ideas that courses through the planetary idea-space.  You get a particular picture and a socioeconomic understanding of someone behind these ideas.  I get some accountability to at least trying to tie ideas to my lived life. 

Life changed dramatically when I met Pamela in September 2003.  Here we are a couple of months after meeting (photo - Daniel Bianchetta).

A bio for me is included.

Journal 4 continues recounting my personal ups and downs while pursuing philosophy and a sense of spiritual renewal since Pamela and since the Epistemology Express was sold in May of 2004.